This Month in the Bee Yard

What is Happening in Your Bee Yard

Bee Yards should be quiet now...

January and February are normally quiet, often little to be done.  One exception is to watch for a warm day to make a quick check for food, possibly add some emergency food. We continue to get lots of input about hives with bees clustered at the top.  It is unusual for so many and is probably due to the lack of available food late summer and fall.

Winter is an excellent time to clean old equipment and put on a fresh coat of paint.  It is also a good time to purchase and assemble new woodenware.  For those who plan to expand rapidly you may want to consider building a jig for box assembly.  It's easy and saves a bunch of time when assembling a lot of boxes.  Handles deeps and supers.  Many plans available on the internet.


Slide the sides in, holds them straight


Glue the joints


Attach the end walls


Add nails (Screws in top/bottom corner)


Flip the jig over and repeat for other end


Finished boxes ready to paint