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my beeyard

Hello everyone. I will be looking for some members to step up and head a few committees. Our bylaws allow for 1. membership, 2. public relations, 3. publicity and education, 4. social, 5. mutual assistance, 6. fair committee, 7. bee yard and 8. communications. I will have sign-up sheets available at the door at the next few meetings. Please sign up for a committee. I would like to see more people involved with the club this year.

Thanks, and see you at the February meeting!!!


Great speaker at the meeting. Dr. Latshaw is always informative. Get those notebooks out and review last year's notes. No notes??? This year is a new beginning. Keep it simple when you start notetaking and it will be easier to keep at it.

Look over the bylaws and find somewhere you can volunteer some time to help the club. I will have the sign-up sheets out again for the next meeting. We need your help.

Remember spring beekeeping chores are just aroung the corner!!

re: Pictures

Hi, Peggy. Happy to help. I'm guessing that you wanted to insert the picture titled DSCN0302.JPG. Unfortunately, that picture exceeded the allowable size for attachments to our website (by rather a lot) and crashed the server. I had to purge that picture out of the database. If you can open the picture on your own computer and resize and resave it (that is, save it at a lower resolution), it should upload fine. Generally speaking, anything over a few hundred pixels on a side is wasted on a webpage. (If you don't have a picture-management program on your computer, I recommend IrfanView. It's a free program that does a very good job.)

When you upload the picture, please rename it to something descriptive. Finding a picture for future reuse is really hard when all we have is a cryptic number.

Once you've got the picture uploaded safely, just copy-paste the code into your webpage and modify it. FILENAME.JPG, for example, must be replaced with the name you used when uploading it. Note: Filenames are case-sensitive all the way out to the suffix.

[[File:FILENAME.JPG|200px|right|optional description]]

Call if you need help. I'd be happy to talk you through it. Mike Rossander (talk) 22:08, 18 November 2012 (EST)

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