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This is a first draft of a page with all sorts of links, references and content resources. It should probably be broken out and reorganized sometime

Bee Videos

  • The Perils and Secret Language of Bees - a lecture by Dr. James Nieh (UCSD Division of Biological Sciences), 2009(?), 54.5 min.
    Primary focus is bee communication but it covers other topics as well. Some discussion of honeybees but as much or more on stingless and other bees.

Beekeeping by Rotation System

Disease Prevention

Selection Vitality

Selection Yield

Waggle Dance

Skep Beekeeping #1 Spring Work

Skep Beekeeping #2 Preparation for Swarming

Skep Beekeeping #3 Swarming

Skep Beekeeping #4 Cast Swarming

Skep Beekeeping #5 Summer Work

Skep Beekeeping #6 Autumn Work

Skep Beekeeping #7 Honey Pressing

Skep Beekeeping #8 Bee's Wax Pressing

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