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President's Corner

Welcome to Medina Beekeepers! Today is Monday, April 9th. The weather forecast calls for 50s, 60s, and 70s later this week. That means that it is going to get busy in a hurry. All the things you've been hearing and learning about what to do for your hives are going to be put to the test. In addition, there may be a lot of plants and trees blooming all at once after the cold spell. So watch your bees!

This is also a busy time for the club. In a couple days you will see postings on the calendar for speakers thru the remainder of the year. Updates to the Bylaws, plans for the Fair and club Picnic are all in the works. In addition, you will see an email regarding a field day to Stan Hywett at a special rate for MCBA members. We will request an RSVP to judge the interest so we can confirm with Stan Hywett. This will be in addition to our regular June meeting.

Hope your bees are hanging in there thru this last cold snap!

Paul Kosmos

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