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(Next Meeting 7:00 PM 20th November 2017)
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== Announcements ==
== Announcements ==
=== Next Meeting  7:00 PM 20th November 2017 ===
=== Next Meeting  6:30 PM 18th December 2017 ===
''Beeginner Beekeepers Q & A at 6:30PM''
'''Annual Christmas Party'''
Speaker:  '''Dr. Joe Latshaw, Latshaw Apiaries'''
'''Come join us for an evening of good food and holiday cheer.'''
'''Special.......There will be one 10 fr hive, a nuc, and a smoker (all new) for sale at this meeting.'''
There is a charge of $10 per personLocation is Williams on the Lake.
==='''New Meeting Location for MCBA !!!'''===
==='''New Meeting Location for MCBA !!!'''===

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Next Meeting 6:30 PM 18th December 2017

Annual Christmas Party

Come join us for an evening of good food and holiday cheer.

There is a charge of $10 per person. Location is Williams on the Lake.

New Meeting Location for MCBA !!!

Effective with the October meeting MCBA will meet at 7:00 pm in Williams on the Lake at 787 Lafayette Rd in Medina. Williams on the Lake is just West of the fairgrounds on Lafayette Road. It is the Octagon Building in the back. [1]

2018 MCBA Beginners Class !!!

Dates and times for the 2018 Beginners Class are now posted on the Calendar. Course outlines and registration details will be posted shortly. Please check back for updates.

First-time users

Welcome to the Medina County Beekeepers Association's website. We hope you enjoy your time here and can find what you want about bees and beekeeping.
If you just want to read the site, please surf around and see what you can find. If you want to help build the site or add comments... read more

Mentor list

MCBA has a strong mentoring tradition. If you are interested in learning more in a one-on-one setting, go to our online mentor list and give a call to one of our volunteers. Be sure to read the expectations of a mentee so you can get the most out of the experience.

If you are interested in serving as a mentor, please also go the the mentor list and add yourself to the page. Thanks for volunteering.

(If you do not yet have an account to edit this site, please email our webmaster.)

Become a member

Interested in joining the club? Come to a meeting and see what we're about. If you like what you see, we will help you get signed up. read more

USDA Honey bee Disease Diagnostic Services

USDA Honey Bee Disease Diagnostic Services, Beltsville MD is back up and running.

The USDA-ARS is extremely pleased to welcome Samuel Abban to the Bee Diagnostic Service.

Mr. Abban has ten years experience with honey bee disease diagnostics and research and he will ably run this program. Sam will board July 10, 2017 and with assistance from Bee Research laboratory staff will begin analyzing past and future samples submitted to the service. We will focus on brood samples as a means of addressing concerns over foulbrood disease and antibiotic prescriptions.

Please be patient as we dig through a substantial backlog of samples, but our aim is to strengthen the USDA Disease Diagnostic Service for another 100 years.

Finally, words can’t describe our thanks to the Bee Informed partnership for their support of Sam and bee diagnostics while we waited for an opportunity to bring Sam onboard with USDA.

How to Submit Samples

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