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copied from Kim Flottum's email dated 2010 Sep 15


Election Time

There are elections coming up in November. For those of you who are new to the club, and those who choose to live in denial, any member of the club can run for any of the 5 offices we have open each year.


We have 3 Trustees or Directors serving at any one time. Directors serve a three year term and one position expires every year.

If you are interested in working with the Executive Committee, would like to be in on some of the decisions being made that affect your club, and your beekeeping, this may be a way to get involved without too much of a commitment. You’ll have to attend 3 or 4 Exec. Committee meetings a year for the 3 year term.

This position requires absolutely NO BEEKEEPING EXPERIENCE, simply a willingness to help with your group.


The Secretary is responsible for keeping a record of each meeting, both regular and Exec. Committee, and getting the minutes to the President and the Newsletter Editor. Published minutes are official, and are the record of our organization. They’re not fancy or formal, just the facts, ma’m, that’s all we want. We will be adding some duties to this position this year before the end of the year, and the thought is that the Sec should have some input on the Newsletter. We’re working on that, and if you’re interested you might want to attend the Exec meeting where that will be decided.


The treasurer’s position is our most formal position because that person handles our money. We’re serious about our money, and this position requires a bit more than being able to balance a check book - a task I have never mastered, by the way. Our present Treasurer rewrote the rules for this position, and it involves a bit more than just making sure there’s money in the bank and collecting dues. If you are truly interested in managing the finances of our group, of organizing the sales activities of the fair, of maintaining the current mailing list and preparing our annual budget, let me or Mike Rossander know and we’ll be glad to fill you in on the details.

Vice President

Our Vice President has traditionally worked as our Program Chair, but that’s not written in stone - it’s just worked out that way for quite awhile. That’s certainly a necessary and important job, and if that’s of interest you can call me and we’ll talk. Larry Arbogast has held the position for a couple of years and will also be able to answer your questions. But there are other jobs needing attention in the club, and our VP could certainly look into these.


Nancy has indicated that after nearly 20 years the Newsletter task has grown stale and she’s looking, actually I’m looking for a new voice for the club. Nancy has moved our newsletter into the digital age and most of our members receive a digital copy so the mundane tasks of printing and folding and mailing have been reduced significantly. A minimum of computer software, but a little document and design experience is required for this position. If you get excited about controlling the communications of our group, this could be for you, and that would be the role of the VP, rather than program chair.


Mike has also been our Web Page guru since its inception and his time there is stretched. If you have web page experience (or would like to get some) and would like input to the club through this venue please call Mike or me and we’ll fill you in on more details. And that might be the role of the VP.


Of course the President’s position is up for grabs, too. Inspired leadership, wisdom beyond imagination, suburb organizational skills, unlimited time and commitment to the group, excellent speaking and demonstration ability, a good sense of humor, thick skin, and a background deep in beekeeping experience and research are the traits we’ve always looked for, but haven’t found so far. However, we’ll settle for almost any warm body that can keep things going, likes most people, and can make the meetings.

Absolutely NO BEEKEEPING EXPERIENCE is needed for any of these positions, really. What’s really needed is a desire to become involved with a group of over 100 good folks, some basic everyday skills you already have, the commitment to actually do the tasks for at least a year, and enough free time to make it all work. Please give any of our current officers a call or email if you think one of these may be for you. You will be part of a really dynamic group, and I guarantee have a lot of fun doing it. Trust me……


Elections 2010 are over. Congratulations (or maybe condolences) to the winners of the election. See the December newsletter details.

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