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MCBA Club membership

If you are interested in joining the club, please come to one of our meetings and introduce yourself. See the calendar page for details about upcoming meetings and here for locations.

The 2017 annual membership fee for the Medina County Beekeepers Association is $20 per family.

  • If you do not have email and must receive your newsletter in hardcopy, we must ask a $5 surcharge for a total of $25 to defray some of the extra costs of printing and postage.
  • If you participated in the Beginner Beekeeper classes, your annual membership was included in the class tuition.
  • NEW!! You can pay your dues by credit card. See the link in the "Make Payments" section at the bottom of the navigation column at left.

Beginner Beekeepers Class

The Medina County Beekeepers holds an annual Beekeeping For Beginners Class in Jan - Mar each year. The class covers what to do before you get your bees, how much will it cost, what equipment is needed to keep bees, how to get started, basic care and feeding of honey bees, honey bee colony growth and development, management skills for summer, fall, winter and next spring, trouble shooting when something isn’t right, good neighbor tactics, harvesting your crop, and expanding the number of colonies you have.

Preregistration is strongly urged so we have enough educational materials available for everybody. For additional information please email our Treasurer. For details and the latest class dates, please see the Calendar.

Draft Syllabus

The exact syllabus will vary each year. See the Calendar for specifics and for splits into sessions.

  • Registration
  • Ohio Beekeeping
  • Beekeeping History in Medina
  • Colony Location
    • Family & Neighbor considerations
    • Beeyard Attributes
    • What will Your Bees Eat (Typical Medina County Honey Plants)
  • Beekeeping Equipment
    • Bee Space
    • Demonstration on Assembling Equipment
  • Box Size/Frame Size
  • Wood or Plastic
  • Assembled/You Assemble/Build Your Own
  • Other Equipment
    • Hive Tools
    • Protective Gear
    • Smokers
  • What Kind of Bees
    • Races of Bees
    • Italians, Carniolans, Russians, Others
  • Getting Bees
    • Packages, Nucs, Full Size, Swarms
  • Honey Bee Biology
    • Basics
    • Queen, Drone, Workers
  • Examining a Colony
    • Front Door
    • Looking, Listening, Smelling
    • Opening/Standing/Examining
    • Robbing Behavior
    • Planning
      • Problems
      • Queen/Worker/Drone
  • Nasties
    • First, Get Better Bees
    • Chalkbrood, European Foulbrood
    • Varroa
    • Nosema
    • American Foulbrood
    • Mice/Wax Moth/Small Hive Beetle
    • Skunks and Bears
    • Pesticides
  • Harvesting your Crop
    • Honey Removal/Transport
    • Uncapping
    • Extracting
    • Beeswax
    • Filtering/Straining
  • Fall and Winter Management
    • Feeding
    • Winter Protection
  • Applying Beeswax to Plastic Frames
  • Package Installation
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